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29 Jul 2014
by Ethical Ocean
Need some vegan cooking inspiration? Here are the top five vegan foodies that you can follow online. Tanya Alekseeva: Tanya is the... Read more...
Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown
27 Jul 2014
What happens when "America’s toughest trainer" takes on yoga? We get Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown. Get ready for 35 minutes of fat-burning yoga... Read more...
alignyo contributor and yoga instructor Jessica Bellofatto picks her fave blogs
25 Jul 2014
alignyo contributor Jessica Bellofatto is a mom of three, owner of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton, a SUP racer and constantly heading to exotic... Read more...
YourBuddhi 5 minute yoga for strong glutes and legs
23 Jul 2014
Whether you want one that’s round, tiny or tight, this five-minute Glutes and Legs Strengthening video from YourBuddhi can help you shape... Read more...
4 ways to take your yoga practice outdoors this spring and summer
21 Jul 2014
by Blair Atkins
Summer is in full swing. Dog days are here but don't let the weather slow down your practice. Consider taking your practice outside of the studio and... Read more...
Beyond guacamole: 10 unique uses for avocado
20 Jul 2014
While we’ve been focusing on consuming lots of avocado this summer (making guacamole, raw chocolate pudding or using it to thicken our smoothies),... Read more...
yoga terms and yoga words you need to know
18 Jul 2014
Like a beginner's yoga class, sometimes you have to go back to basics to elevate your practice. That’s why for this installment of alignyo’s guide to... Read more...

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alignyo Los Angeles interview with yoga teacher Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley teaches a breath-centered vinyasa practice, curated to leave you in a sattvic state (AKA “blissed out”). In true LA fashion, she moonlights as a film producer, and now combines her two passions by being partner in the yoga media company, Pranamaya. Drop into this striking beauty’s class at Inner Power Yoga in Woodland Hills or Yoga Desa in Topanga, and check out her “Yoga for a Broken Heart” event Valentine's weekend in Esalen. In our Q&A, find out Tracee's TV vices and why she doesn’t play music in her classes.

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Healthy ice cream brands and healthy vegan ice cream recipes

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Unfortunately, our screams usually happen when we look at the...


Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown

What happens when "America’s toughest trainer" takes on yoga? We get...

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Alignment Basics with Jon Witt at Pure West

There are lots of regulars in Jon Witt’s Alignment Basics class, and after a few minutes of following his thoughtful cues, and gentle adjustments you’ll be wondering...