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The 10 best yoga poses for men
22 Sep 2014
We love when a male pro athlete or celebrity declares his love for yoga to the press, but we’re more impressed by the everyday guy who hits the mat... Read more...
Amanda Skrip's cashew 'cookie' energy bites
19 Sep 2014
No matter how hectic our week gets, we always find ease in knowing that come the weekend, there’s more time for all the things we love: longer yoga... Read more...
18 Sep 2014
Are you still thinking about a yoga teacher training program for this fall? Check out our next installment with YogaWorks as we explore the reasons... Read more...
Ayurveda 101
16 Sep 2014
Do you know your dosha? If you’re not quite sure of what that is, you’re not alone. But a quick overview of Ayurveda – yoga’s sister science – will... Read more...
alignyo yoga news: Easy ayurvedic tips for a healthy fall.
15 Sep 2014
by Breathe Repeat
Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, can seem complicated and mystical, even to diehard yogis who get on the mat everyday. But Ayurveda doesn’t have to... Read more...
DIY Post Yoga Bathing Ritual
12 Sep 2014
Muscles seriously achy after an intense yoga class? Rub-a-dub-dub, get in the tub. A bath is a great way to relieve stress, calm your mind and soothe... Read more...
12 Sep 2014
As YogaWorks launches its first dedicated yoga teacher training center in Santa Monica, alignyo checked in with Sarah Ezrin (yogi, writer and... Read more...

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alignyo Los Angeles interview with yoga teacher Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley teaches a breath-centered vinyasa practice, curated to leave you in a sattvic state (AKA “blissed out”). In true LA fashion, she moonlights as a film producer, and now combines her two passions by being partner in the yoga media company, Pranamaya. Drop into this striking beauty’s class at Inner Power Yoga in Woodland Hills or Yoga Desa in Topanga, and check out her “Yoga for a Broken Heart” event Valentine's weekend in Esalen. In our Q&A, find out Tracee's TV vices and why she doesn’t play music in her classes.

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Ayurveda 101

Do you know your dosha? If you’re not quite sure of what that is, you’re not alone. But a quick overview of...

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Affordable yoga clothes for fall

A pair of yoga pants can cost more than a five-pack of classes at some yoga studios, so we get why shopping for...


Fall Detox Flow yoga for alignyo by YourBuddhi

Let this Fall Detox Flow video from Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas of...

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Alignment Basics with Jon Witt at Pure West

There are lots of regulars in Jon Witt’s Alignment Basics class, and after a few minutes of following his thoughtful cues, and gentle adjustments you’ll be wondering...