Learn from some of New York's best teachers at YJ Live!


From April 24-28, some of the best teachers in the world (and certainly NYC) are coming to the YJ Live! New York Conference. And it's all happening in our backyard. There’s over a 100 classes to choose from, so you can create your ultimate yoga retreat experience.

4 healthy benefits of turmeric


Turmeric is definitely hot in the health word right now. It grows in Indonesia, is a popular ingredient in dishes like curry and has been used medicinally for centuries. Turmeric is packed with iron, manganese, vitamin B6, fiber and potassium. It’s been called “yoga in a bottle” and has been making appearances in recipes all over the blogosphere, but is it worth the hype? 

Shake it and sing it at Shakti Fest


California’s Joshua Tree National Park is a spectacular natural wonder, made even more wondrous this May 16-18, when the Shakti Fest taps into the Divine feminine energy of Mother Earth. Some of the greatest yoga teachers, spiritual minds and talented musicians will help create an “Om-mersion” – a total mind-body-spirit adventure offering something for every kind of seeker. And bonus: enter alignyo14 at check out and receive *$50 off tickets.

3 easy ways to develop a more spiritual yoga practice

General by Sarah Miller

There’s nothing wrong with doing yoga simply as a way to stay fit. In fact, many of us come to the mat for this very reason. But don’t be afraid to go deeper and discover true yoga. Because when you do, you’ll most likely learn to look at your body and your life in a different (and hopefully more loving and accepting) way.

Miracles Now from Gabrielle Bernstein

What’s Hot

We love two-hour yoga classes and long meditation sessions, but some days, it just ain’t happening. New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein's upcoming book is the answer for those days.

How to get your company to pay for yoga

General by Tevis Trower

Do daily yoga and meditation classes at the job sound like workplace heaven? Be the change you want to see. Follow these tips from Tevis Trower, founder of Balance Integration Corporation on how to get your company to offer yoga classes at work.

You’ve heard of companies where chair massage, raw food bars, yoga, and dogs at work are a reality. While work-sponsored daily sushi may be out of the question at your office, use these easy steps to make your yoga-at-work dreams come true:

Yoga for digestion

General by Jessica Bellofatto

Yoga teacher Jessica Bellofatto is back with yoga poses for digestion that will help you detox for spring.

5 great spring detox foods

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

There are so many ways to detoxify, but don’t forget that each spring Mother Nature blesses us with a variety of whole plant foods that support and nourish us more effectively than any juice fast can. Make these seasonal foods an integral part of your diet this spring, and rest assured that a magnificent inner detoxification and regeneration is happening within.

5 spring detox foods:

Detox yoga: An easy sequence to cleanse your system

General by Jessica Bellofatto

Start the year off refreshed and renewed. Try this easy detox yoga sequence courtesy of Jessica Bellofatto and wring out the old to make space for the new.

Pigeon Pose: Why we love it and how to do it

Yoga Lifestyle

Is Pigeon pose a posture you dread? While it may never become your favorite yoga poses, follow these tips below to help you safely get into pigeon pose.

Start with Supine Pigeon

If Pigeon feels unbearable for you (which is common if your hips are super tight), don't be embarrassed to take a supine variation lying on your back. This is a better way to open your hips rather to take half pigeon incorrectly.