Bikram hit with sexual harassment suit + lululemon update

Bikram yoga hit with sexual harassment lawsuit
Bikram Choudhury
Beyond Yoga uses lululemon yoga pants recall to boost sales
Beyond Yoga
Spirit Air pokes fun at lululemon in new ad.
Spirit Airlines ad
Hot off the mat

Need an energy boost this afternoon? Put down that green tea and eat up this healthy dose of hot yoga news. We’ve got the latest on lululemon and the Bikram yoga sexual harassment lawsuit. It’s new, now and hot off the mat.

Feel the heat:

Bikram is back in the hot seat

Just when the dust was beginning to settle on his Nightline interview and lawsuit against Greg Gumucio of Yoga to the People, Bikram is back in the news. A student is suing Bikram Choudhury for sexual harassment and defamation lawsuit, claiming the creator of Bikram yoga constantly sexually harassed her then tried to ruin her career when she wouldn’t sleep with him. 

Jokes on lulu

We thought by now the lululemon sheer pants debacle would be in the savasana stage of its media circus, but thanks to this funny Save our Spandex yoga pants video from Jimmy Kimmel making the rounds on the internet, the news is still making headlines. Some companies have responded to the yoga pants madness with marketing campaigns that throw stones at the Goliath of yoga clothing:

New yoga apparel brand Yoga Smoga is inviting yogis to "experience the sheer difference" of their yoga pants by offering a $50 gift card to anyone who purchased a pair of see-through pants from lululemon.

We also noticed a Facebook ad from Beyond Yoga that shows a model in downdog with the caption: “We’ve got you covered. Wear our pants, leggings and capris with confidence.” Beyond also has a status update from a few days ago that says “our values are transparent, our bottoms are not.” We wonder how Gwyneth feels about that?

The weirdest company to poke fun at lululemon? Spirit Airlines. As of earlier today the company was still running an ad on its site that showed a picture of a woman in yoga pants and claims that Spirit is totally transparent – with fares.

What about all that Luon?

So, now that we know lululemon had to pull 17% of its pants from stores and the company will lose about $60 million from the defective pants, what will happen to all that Luon? deBrand has an answer. The Canadian company takes corporate waste stock and upcycles it into new goods. deDrand has previously worked with lululemon to turned old yoga mats into chair cushions and yoga mat bag straps into woven hammocks. lululemon won't be handing over any defective Luon to deBrand until it tests the material to figure out what happened, but fingers crossed all that wasted Luon goes to good use. 


See through

I don't know, what's wrong with a little voyeuristic behavior?


I don't know. I'm not really a fan of Lululemon with it's corporate vibe, expensive products, and performing yoga attitude. Yoga is a personal journey, not a gymnastics feat that should be on display in their windows. (NYC)

Luon Upcyclin'!

Hi! I know from my work in the company that lululemon athletica definitely upcycles everything they possibly can. A very environmentally-conscious company!

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