5 tips for throwing a big yoga event in your city


On June 21, Summer Solstice, Time Square is hosting their annual "yoga day." Over 10,000 people from around the globe will gather together to quiet their minds in the country's most chaotic location. 

Those of us on Team alignyo who will be in the city for the big event are pumped to be a part of it, but this event also prompted us to ask, why can't something like this happen in any city around the world? 

Yoga and… time to share


It’s time for your close-up alignyo readers. Tell us what yoga means to you and how you found the practice. We’re short (well, actually tall and short, from 5’1” to almost 6 feet!) over here – 150-200 words tops. We’ll publish the most inspiring stories with your picture here on our blog and on Facebook, where we have close to 200,000 fans. We want to hear from you about what yoga means to you.

Essential oils that keep bugs away

General by Charlynn Avery

Worried about bugs ruining your summer parties? Follow these directions on how to make your own all-natural room spray from aromatherapist Charlynn Avery to keep bugs away.

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining – the weather is nice, the days are long, and we feel a pull to the great outdoors. We can use our essential oils to help set the mood for entertaining (especially outdoors), and we can have a pleasant, aromatic experience that doesn’t include using harsh synthetics or chemical fragrances.

Online yoga: 10 sites for streaming yoga classes

General by Ally Garner

Those of us who prefer to go to yoga classes at a local studio may not pay much attention to the world of online yoga classes, but many yogis are realizing that the world of streaming yoga classes is much more than just cueing up a video on YouTube. 

There are a lot of options for online yoga, but which one is best for you? Below, the most popular streaming online yoga sites.

An epic yoga event - dare to dream


Imagine being surrounded by pillows from ABC Carpet and Home, taking a deep breath of a custom made 12:29 scent, a goal coaching clinic with lululemon and learning yoga from one of one of New York's most celebrated instructors Rima Rabbath. On June 1st, this fantasy will become reality. Check out “Glowing NOW!”, a one-of-a-kind, day long, yoga event where you’ll sweat, think, eat, drink, connect, and have a ball. 

Benefits of foam rolling for yoga

General by Blair Atkins

Many collegiate and professional athletes use foam rollers to recover from intense training sessions, and yogis can benefit from foam rolling just as much. Twisting your body in a way you haven't before and trying new poses can cause your muscles to tense up; using the foam roller keeps your muscles supple and allows for better recovery from especially challenging practices.

Radical Aliveness - interview Desiree Rumbaugh


We're always interested in 'the why' behind people coming to the practice of yoga. Sometimes it's strictly the physical need to heal or the mental desire to de-stress. There are however also, the moments of revelation which is what occurred when internationally acclaimed yoga instructor, Desiree Rumbaugh came to the practice 26 years ago. It was during a simple triangle pose that evoked an emotional release of tears which prompted her to delve deeper into the practice of yoga.

4 ways to take your yoga practice outdoors

General by Blair Atkins

Summer is in full swing. Dog days are here but don't let the weather slow down your practice. Consider taking your practice outside of the studio and into the great outdoors. The fresh air is very beneficial to your breath and the soothing sounds of nature provide a unique playlist for your practice.

Here are 4 ways to take your practice outside:

10 unique uses for avocado


While we’ve been focusing on consuming lots of avocado this summer (making guacamole, raw chocolate pudding or using it to thicken our smoothies), our friends at Blisstree were busy researching other ways to enjoy the good-for-you fruit. Check out these 10 unique uses for avocado.

Let’s all agree that avocados are the greatest food of all the different foods and anyone who doesn’t like them should be ashamed of themselves (just kidding) As far as I’m concerned, not liking avocados is on par with not liking high fives and making out.

8 ways to balance your Pitta dosha with yoga

General by Ali Cramer

Send summer out being calm, cool and collected with this Ayurvedic approach to asana from Ali Cramer. 

This is about the time of year where even the most diehard Pitta people are starting to feel a little beat down by the summer. Ayurveda asks us to honor the cycles of our lives and the seasons and situations that we find ourselves in. It's up to us to be conscious enough to recognize when we need to shift our routines. Thankfully, we can help balance our bodies by bringing an Ayurvedic approach to our yoga practice.