These Toy Soldiers Have Traded in their Guns for Yoga Poses
The Warrior pose has never been more fitting than for Dan Abramson’s series of toy soldiers: Yoga Joes. Soon to be launched through Kickstarter, his hilari
From Jeff Brown:
You don’t know how long you have, it may be 60 years, it may be 60 seconds, you may not make it to retirement, you may not make it to tomorrow morning, at least if you are questing for your purpose, living your truth, you will not suffer when its time to leave your body in this lifetime, you will be living in your authenticity, this is no small achievement in this distracted world, where the unconscious media and manipulative marketers try to turn us generic and frightened so we will be locked into their script., fuck that.You already have a script and it lives deep inside you…that script is your purpose, what you are here to express, to learn, to embody, to humanifest… So u decide which script to read- the fictional novel written by those who do not SEE u, or the HOLY BOOK written by your glorious spirit. When you walk through the gateway of purpose, you walk into yourself. You are sacred purpose, you are sacred purpose, you are sacred purpose. Don’t stop until you find it.

[Video] Need Some Yoga Inspiration? This is it. - Yogi Living
My practice ain't bad, but this is another planet - you've got to see this!

Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy, Beautiful Hair
From an ayurvedic perspective, healthy hair depends on a healthy metabolism. Use these ayurvedic suggestions to stoke your digestive fire to create blissfully beautiful hair, and support health for the whole body.

13 Extraordinary Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil
13 Extraordinary Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

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VIDEO: @[202645407606:274:Yoga Vibes] teacher @[434849259891811:274:Justin Michael Williams] shows us this simple, Crescent-inspired Vinyasa Flow to boost your energy. Perfect pose for the end of a Monday. http://ow.ly/CHCOJ