If you're still thinking about what to serve... here are few vegan, healthy ideas:

Tastes of Thanksgiving - Thrive
This Thanksgiving, I invite you to mindfully savor friends, family, and the full range of tastes you encounter on your plate and in your life!
It's here - Frozen Yoga - the perfect #gift #book for the beginners yogi :)
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"Frozen Yoga" by Liz Eustace
If you (or your friend, or your significant other, or your coworker) have always wanted to try yoga but are intimidated by other people's lithe, sinewy bodies, teachers giving instructions in an ancient-sounding language, the existence of $100 yoga pants, and the completely reasonable fear that you…
The perfect #yoga book for beginners - check it out! https://www.createspace.com/5105421

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Day 25 #maycausemiracles :: today I see all of my encounters as sacred assignments.

Combatting PTSD in Baltimore schools with meditation
Corralling elementary school students at 7:30 in the morning can be like herding cats; getting them to sit still for the first bell may prove even tougher, if it were just a bell they were hearing. At Robert Coleman Elementary School on the city's west side, the school day does not begin without pea…

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This is my 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, eat healthy and body-nourishing...20% eat for the soul – chocolate, vino, the fries :-) That's true balance for me.
Thank you to all of those that serve YogaFit for Warriors

Why yoga for war veterans is important
alignyo yoga news: Why yoga is important for war veterans. How yoga can help war veterans heal mental and physical injuries.