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Last day of the @[6752368589:274:Yoga Journal Events] Conference! Now, let's help walk each other home this week at @[197557487074889:274:Yoga Shanti NYC]! Tonight at 6 Wednesday at noon and 6 Let me know if you'd like to come as my guest!

Moment to Exhale
Take this moment to breathe in and breathe out. Take three long, slow deep breaths and exhale any stale air in the lungs. Know that all is as it should be, in this moment.
@halle Becker - she simply rocks - check out her new site:



Frozen Yoga: A Concentrated Guide for Yoga Newbies
If you (or your friend, or your significant other, or your coworker) have always wanted to try yoga but are intimidated by other people's lithe, sinewy bodies, teachers giving instructions in an ancient-sounding language, the existence of $100 yoga pants, and the completely reasonable fear that y...

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You wouldn’t ever go anywhere if you did. Via @[382970975759:274:Kris Carr]
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If you're still thinking about what to serve... here are few vegan, healthy ideas: