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Curvy Girls Who Nailed Yoga Poses
Being skinny doesn't always mean that you're healthy, and being curvy doesn't always mean that you're unhealthy. You can have a healthy appetite, be curvy, and knock out some serious yoga moves too. Check out these 16 yoga enthusiasts that totally nailed their yoga poses.
Thanks WellandGoodNYC.com for the awesome feature today - hopefully it will get more people on the mat! Read on dear friends!!!


4 etiquette rules you really need to know before you try yoga
How to deal with the intimidation factor (and some of the weird yoga class things you've heard about) before rolling out your mat for the first time.
Know a yoga newbies - check out Frozen Yoga! Check it out - inspiration and information to get onto your yoga mat:

Frozen Yoga: A Concentrated Guide for Yoga Newbies
If you (or your friend, or your significant other, or your coworker) have always wanted to try yoga but are intimidated by other people's lithe, sinewy bodies, teachers giving instructions in an ancient-sounding language, the existence of $100 yoga pants, and the completely reasonable fear that y...

A Yoga Sequence to Warm Your Body - Sonima
This warm up yoga sequence will get the body working. You'l build heat from the inside out and explore some balancing postures after strengthening the legs.
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