Get Nourished

Nutritional bites to fuel your yoga practice.

Healthy ice cream brands and healthy vegan ice cream recipes
July 8, 2014
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Unfortunately, our screams usually happen when we look at the nutrition labels. Thankfully,...
Healthy summer salad recipe: Strawberry Salad with Pea Tendrils Amanda Skrip
July 7, 2014

Nutritious and filling, yet light enough to not weigh you down—salads are pretty much the perfect summer meal. Check out these...

alignyo yoga recipes: 4 cooling recipes to beat the heat
June 24, 2014

If you can’t beat the heat, get into the kitchen and make one of these healthy recipes that feature naturally cooling ingredients. Beat the heat...

Ayurveda 101
June 14, 2014

Do you know your dosha? If you’re not quite sure of what that is, you’re not alone. But a quick overview of Ayurveda – yoga’s sister...