Get Nourished

Nutritional bites to fuel your yoga practice.

The Whole Journey Founder/Owner Christa Orecchio
March 30, 2015
Foods that boost blood circulation may not be on the top of your health priority list, but it should be. According to wholistic nutritionist Christa...
Vegan Yogi Red Lentil Soup recipe from Sexy Vegan Chef Aimee Hughes
March 18, 2015

Chef Aimee Hughes of the Sexy Vegan Kitchen shared this mouthwatering...

The best green powders
March 9, 2015

Green powders are a great way to boost your health, keep your energy levels up and get greens into your diet. What other food packs pounds of...

Red Beet Green Smoothie recipe via Spinach Tiger for alignyo
March 4, 2015

Not a fan of beets? You might want to give the little red rubies another try. Beets add iron to your diet, increase your blood flow and are full...