Team alignyo

Meet the peeps who will literally bend over backwards and stand on their heads to connect you to yoga.

Liz Eustace
Liz Eustace

Present: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Past: regional brand manager with lululemon athletica; general manager & buyer, Om yoga Center; director, Toronto Yoga Show and Conference; certified yoga teacher; total yoga dawg who has savored thousands of yoga classes throughout North America

Inspiration: my kiddies – full stop; laughter, countless yoga teachers, my creative hubby, mom & dad, my wacky sisters, Sauvignon Blanc and my calm and collected brother

Maya Henderson
alignyo senior editor Maya Henderson

Present: alignyo Senior Editor; fitness fanatic, sci-fi nerd, plant-based eater, Boston Terrier mama

Past: Vital Juice Chicago editor, mind-body fitness blogger for ChicagoNow, gym rat

Inspirations: Breakthrough moments in yoga, intense sweat sessions, laughing with my boyfriend, my insanely creative friends, reading, writing and music.

Molly Nourmand
Molly Nourmand

Present: alignyo Contributing Editor; Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee; graduate student; yoga teacher

Past: Associate Editor at Total Beauty Media; Los Angeles City Editor at Ideal Bite; Lifestyle Editor at Yogi Times; modern dancer

Inspiration: moonrises; horizons where water meets sky; my brilliant husband; my youthful parents; quotes from my favorite thinkers; authenticity; equality; music; dance performances; handstands; wine; travel; people who are multi-lingual; the resiliency of the human spirit

Kristin McGee
Kristin McGee

Present: alignyo Yoga Advisor; yoga/pilates teacher, celebrity trainer, host on HSN, star of more than 50 yoga & fitness DVDs

Past: Kaitlyn the yogaerobics instructor on 30 Rock, girl from Pocatello, Idaho moving to New York to discover her dreams, struggling actress, waitress at Middle Eastern Restaurant, ice cream scooper and manager at Ben and Jerry's.

Inspiration: My mom and dad, my husband, my niece and nephews, my brothers and sisters-in-law, my students, my best friend, NYC, Idaho, good red wine, dark chocolate, writing, reading, practicing yoga, fitness, skiing, the outdoors, traveling and music.

Jacki Carr
Jacki Carr

Present: Contributing Writer; People Magnet at lululemon athletica, Goal Coach, Adventure Blogger.

Past: Community Manager and Store Manager at lululemon athletica, Writer at LA Yoga Magazine, Public Transportation Blogger, PR and Entertainment life.

Inspiration: People rocking possibility and living their most wildest goals, unconditional love and laughter in my family, running by the Ocean with my Midwest boyfriend and rescue dog named Bear, yoga on and off the mat, bucket lists, total book nerd for self-help reads, hiking a mountain anywhere, red wine, music streaming from a record player, and writing about this life of adventures.

Blair Atkins
Blogger Blair Atkins

Present: yoga teacher, creator of healthy living blog, SPX Pilates fanatic, girlfriend to a Canadian, green juice addict 

Past: Division I volleyball player, Starbucks junkie  

Inspiration: witnessing someone who is new to yoga fall in love with it, Tara Stiles, Kris Carr, Gabby Bernstein, San Diego beach sunsets    

Sarah Miller
alignyo blogger Sarah Miller
Contributing writer
Present: alignyo contributing writer; compassionate observer of humanity; Birch Coffee Barista; bibliolater; breakfast fiend.

Past: over-anxious, over-worked, under-slept student; regular attendee of The Awesome 80's Prom.

Inspiration: the simplicities found in the every day; the power of breath; the power of creativity; those who maintain hope, despite the odds.

Ally Gamer
Bio of alignyo contributing writer Ally Gamer
Contributing Writer

Present: yoga lover, D.C. graduate student, aspiring writer, proud Midwesterner, emerging politico 

Past: researcher, sorority girl, London resident (study abroad), blogger

Inspiration: my family, Tina Fey, people who can fly in yoga class (I'm coming for you side crow), cupcakes, travel, history, flowers, books, laughing 

Kristen Dollard Schultz
Kristen Dollard Schultz

Present: alignyo Advisor, Digital Director for SELF, registered yoga instructor, coauthor of The Yoga Body Diet and

Past: Digital Editorial Director for Rodale International where she launched Prevention Australia, Women’s Health South Africa and worked on the Men’s Health UK redesign, Editor of and YogaLife Magazine, part of Women's Health Magazine launch team of and while in New Product Development with Bill Stump, worked on several of Rodale's special interest publications and bookazines. 

Inspirations: baby Luke my Buddha baby, Avery Cate my 5-year-old violin-playing sassy-pants, sunrises, finish lines, writers who take risks (I am now reading Starboard Sea), people who still read and anything artful - a gesture, a petal or a portrait among others AND messes