Bring the om inside your home.

Yoga teacher Dawnelle Arthur of YogaDownload
November 28, 2014
Get lean from the inside out with this Yoga for Weight Loss video from YogaDownload. This level 1-2 yoga workout focuses on stimulating the thyroid...
Yoga workouts: calorie blasting yoga workouts for the day after Thanksgiving.
November 28, 2014

We hope you enjoyed and savored every bite of your Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Now it’s time to jumpstart your digestion, sweat out those toxins...

Yoga body: Yoga moves that tone your entire body
November 13, 2014

We know yoga is about much more than burning calories, but when we want a physical challenge, we get on the mat. We're especially grateful for our...

Wanna prana? Introduction to Kundalini
October 8, 2014

We could all use a little lift in our prana (vital life force), and one of the best pranic boosters you can ever experience is Kundalini yoga. The...