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Danielle Diamond of Xen Strength shares a yoga with weights workout
April 22, 2014
It’s time we kicked our beach body plan into high gear. Thankfully, Danielle Diamond designed this Xen Strength yoga with weights workout to...
8-minute slow flow yoga video with Jillian Pransky
April 13, 2014

Still feeling sluggish from winter, but not really into the idea of a detox? Try this practice from yoga teacher...

Yoga for kids: Easy ways to get your child into yoga
March 26, 2014

Yoga teaches us patience, respect, understanding and how to develop a mind-body connection, all great lessons for kids. If you want to share the...

Dirty Yoga Co. explains how to do Awkward Chair yoga pose
March 20, 2014

Does Awkard Chair Pose always feel a little, well...awkward during your yoga practice? Then the video below from our pals at the Dirty Yoga Co. is...